Stories You Must Know About Vibrators.

Stories You Must Know About Vibrators.

Oct 21, 2022




My first time gave my first love finger. Two young flesh gnawed in the afternoon room, his fingers from above, below, and inside.

Let's be together forever, give you the most important things first, and give yourself no room for regrets. At that time, he was a minor, so he didn't know the pleasure, but just by looking at his excited appearance, he couldn't help but urged "Hurry up..."

Buried between his legs, the speed of his fingers continued to increase within his body. He stopped suddenly and raised his face in surprise: You are bleeding.

The first time I saw "Finger", I recalled the bloody and impatient taste of youth after being invaded by the fingers that afternoon.

I picked it up and smelled it, and there was no smell of blood in my memory. I don't need Fast and Furious, how do I know whether the blood on my first love's hand that day was scratched or punctured from the inside.

In contrast, "Finger" is like a warm teenager, knowing my pain, teasing and comforting.


I can't go any deeper, my body told me.

Recalling the actions of the actress in the video website, she gently raised her hips, her arms were parallel to her body, and her "finger" entered her body vertically, pushed it gently, and slid in.

It turns out that even if you don't have to touch the inside of your body yourself, you can feel the lubrication inside through other media.

Fumbling for the switch, I wanted to turn on the vibration, but I didn't dare to press it hard, for fear of pushing it deeper.

The vibration amplitude of the first gear is not large, try again inside. slid in again.

Go around in circles and recall the location of the G-spot on the book. The protruding side can feel the shock right up to point C.

The legs are clamped unconsciously, just like the quilt is clamped unconsciously when sleeping. The tighter the clamp, the more numb the peeing area feels. After reading the book, I realized that this is also a kind of masturbation.

Looking down at the power light that was leaking outside, it was like a cigarette that had just been lit breathing quietly in the dark night, and the light passed through the nail shell with a flesh-colored halo.

The music stopped abruptly, leaving only the vibrating sound coming from the body. The music sounded again, the breathing began to become short, and I wanted to call out, but the woman's sexy singing remained in my mind.


Even if it only stays in the body for a short time, it is not enough to hold up a sex. But the insensitivity it brings to the body is still preserved. Next, watching movies, listening to songs, and playing mobile phones, it is difficult not to pay attention to the traces of foreign objects that have just entered the lower body.

You can feel the "fingers" pushing every inch of your body inch by inch. I heard the sound of someone coming back late from the window opening and closing the door downstairs. Hearing, instead of sight and touch, has become the main sensory system that dominates all thoughts.
I don't know how to describe the feeling of using this vibrator for the first time, I won't be inexplicably excited, after all, it opens a body that has not seen light for a long time. On the contrary, he was inexplicably lonely. He recalled too many things for a while, and pulled the quilt to cover his eyes.


"Finger" is like a docile teenager, suitable for girls who use sex toys for the first time. At your disposal. The most important thing is that there will be no harm to the body, and it will not make you afraid and resist the "finger".

"Fingers" was another way to make up for the youth that I had hastily ended. Fun-Mates Bullet Vibrator Finger G-spot Vibrator for Female

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