Most Frequently Asked Questions About Kegel Balls

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Kegel Balls

Oct 29, 2022



For beginners of kegel balls, it is very important to know whether it works and whether it is suitable for you at different stages before purchasing. Here are the questions and answers about these.

Do Kegel balls work?

Do kegel balls work for bladder control

Useful, Kegel exercises can help patients improve or in some cases fully restore bladder control. Prostate cancer surgery, overactive bladder, or an inactive bladder can lead to weakness of the urethral sphincter, which can lead to incontinence.

Kegel balls exercises can help patients concentrate and strengthen the muscles at the bottom of the bladder that help control urination.

Do kegel balls make you tighter

Will get tight. The muscles that support the pelvic floor of the uterus, bladder, rectum, and small intestine are also known as Kegel muscles or pubococcygeus muscles, and exercises that properly contract and relax these muscles are called Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercise was invented by Dr. Kegel in 1948 AD. It is a self-active tightening of the muscles around the anus, vagina, and urethra, thereby strengthening the overall strength and tension of the pelvic floor muscles, exercising the pelvic floor muscles, and effectively improving. The strength of the vagina shortening, thereby tightening the training of the vaginal muscles, is mostly used for women's vaginal tightening.
Do kegel balls help prolapse

Are kegel balls good for pregnancy

Kegel exercises can treat uterine prolapse. This exercise can effectively promote uterine contractions, and can also play a certain role in improving uterine prolapse. But it takes a long time to persevere. Don't give up halfway. After a period of exercise, you will gradually see the effect.

When you first start doing this exercise, try to control the time to about 20 minutes, and then as your body's tolerance increases, you can appropriately increase the exercise time. During the period, nutrition should also keep up, and eat more protein and vitamin content. more food

Precautions for Using Kegel Balls at Different Times.

Kegel balls during period

Kegel exercises are not allowed during menstruation. Kegel exercises are an exercise method for the pelvic floor muscles and fascia that can shrink the vagina. Women's physical resistance during menstruation is relatively poor, and all violent activities should be stopped. Kegel exercises can be performed after menstruation.

During menstruation, keep your belly warm to avoid colds. Also be careful not to be too tired, rest more, and carefully observe vaginal bleeding during menstruation. Attention should be paid to early menstruation and prolonged menstrual delay.

Using kegel balls during pregnancy

Yes. Kegel exercises are beneficial both before and during pregnancy.

  • Women who practice Kegel balls before conception can help increase vaginal birth rates and reduce the risk of obstructed labor and episiotomy.
  • Doing these exercises during pregnancy can increase productivity and assist in natural labor.
  • Postpartum women practicing Kegel exercises can improve incontinence and help improve sexual function.  

However, it should be noted that pregnant women must find this position when doing Kegel exercises. If it's not in the right position, then this approach doesn't really help.

Are kegel balls safe during pregnancy

 Pregnant women can perform Kegel exercise training when they are 6 months pregnant. This can help pregnant women train their pelvic floor muscles, which can make it easier for pregnant women to give birth naturally, shorten the time of delivery, and in addition to being able to exercise during pregnancy.

In addition to doing this exercise, it can also be performed after childbirth, which can help women recover their pelvic floor muscles and reduce the incidence of postpartum urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids.

However, it should be noted that the Kegel exercise should be moderated during pregnancy, because excessive exercise can cause contractions and premature labor in pregnant women, so do what you can. The best case though is to consult your own personal doctor who will give you the best advice for you 

Kegel balls after hysterectomy

 You can do it after the incision is healed, but when is it best to ask your doctor beforehand. Post-hysterectomy pelvic floor rehabilitation training usually includes Kegel exercises, pelvic floor electrical stimulation therapy, etc.

After hysterectomy, the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed, and patients may experience symptoms such as urine leakage and lower abdominal muscle relaxation. Kegel exercises can effectively exercise the pelvic floor muscles and help the pelvic floor muscles to contract, thereby alleviating the above symptoms.

Do Kegel Balls Have Any Side Effects?

Kegel exercise itself is not harmful, but if you do not master the proper method in the exercise, it may bring some adverse effects to your body, for example, if you exercise excessively, you may experience overwork and pain or discomfort So under normal circumstances, you should practice Kegel exercises three times a day for about 10 to 15 minutes each time.

Kegel ball is the best helper for Kegel exercise, it can help women find their pelvic floor muscles, make them contract correctly, and achieve the purpose of training pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel Ball Recommended

For many kegel exercise beginners, finding the correct pelvic floor muscle position is very troublesome, so our kegel ball set can help you.

This weighted kegel ball set contains different weights of Kegel balls that you can use to choose the right weight for your different stages of your Kegel exercise.

For beginners, we recommend you to use the lightest single 20g benwa ball.
For starters, we recommend a slightly heavier 30g benwa ball.
For advanced players we recommend a slightly heavier 40g benwa ball.
For professional players, you can freely combine two benwa balls with different weights using our set.

Important Tips About Kegels

There are significant risks associated with using Kegel balls.

For example, if your hands or balls are not clean when you use them, there is a risk of infection.

They can cause pain, discomfort, and even vaginal tearing if used too much or done incorrectly.

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