There is Always One Reason Why Your Boyfriend is "Too Fast"!

There is Always One Reason Why Your Boyfriend is "Too Fast"!

Oct 15, 2022



Whether experienced or inexperienced, many girls will think: "Love doesn't last for half an hour, so what is it called a man?"

This is actually a classic misunderstanding. According to a clinical study published in 2005, half of 490 men from different countries had an ejaculation latency of less than 5 minutes, and most were within 3 to 8 minutes.

In other words, according to medical standards, if a man has substantial love for more than 3 minutes, it is not considered premature ejaculation.

But this is only the most basic. "3 minutes" is like eating two small biscuits when you are hungry. You can only guarantee that you will not faint from hunger, but you cannot guarantee that you will be full.

Therefore, from the perspective of the sexual well-being index, there is no specific standard for judging whether the length of sex life is sufficient, but depends on the satisfaction of girls.

She said good is really good.

1. How Long Does It Take for Girls?

First of all, girls really don't need too much real ai time--Although we say that the longer the better, in fact no one likes "dry grinding" for more than half an hour! The mechanical exercise is painful to death, and I have to act for the male ticket. I have never suffered so much. . .
But if hey hey only has a short 2 minutes, let's run away...

For example: you just (or haven't) entered the state, and the male ticket side has already sighed and announced the end. . .
Your Heart: WTF? I haven't started to enjoy it yet, are you alright?
When I meet a "fast man", it's a short-term physical torture - I can't enjoy the beauty of sex at all, and I silently comfort myself that "it will be better in the future". Long-term is mental torment—long-term physical insufficiency and mental fatigue, hopelessness, and disgust.

In short, the time is not enough, it really hurts both the body and the feelings! !

2. What is the Reason That Affects the Duration of the Male Ticket?

① “Reward” yourself often
It's normal for boys to reward themselves, but you should know that when boys are masturbating, they are often "time-critical and strong-minded", so they will be very fast. If the reward frequency is too frequent, it may form a habit that can lead to premature ejaculation during sex.

Girls can supervise their gentlemen, and the frequency of rewards (including oral sex) is best controlled at 2-3 times a week, neither too little nor too much!

② Prostate disease
Excessive sexual activity, stimulation of the urethra, etc., will lead to repeated congestion of the prostate and induce inflammation. Men suffer from prostate inflammation, and inflammatory secretions will stimulate the prostate, resulting in a significantly lower threshold and premature ejaculation.

If a male ticket has symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, perineal discomfort, and testicular pain, be sure to take him to the hospital!

③ Poor physical fitness
If he is born with a "deficient" body, supervise his running, squatting, PC muscle exercise... If you persist in exercising for a period of time, you will see obvious changes. In the diet, but also pay attention to nutritional supplements. (But don't take tonics indiscriminately)

If it is caused by bad habits such as staying up late, smoking, etc. the day after tomorrow, be sure to let him quit these first. Don't want to quit? Then don't waste time with him.

④ The glans is highly sensitive
This is easy to understand~ Weapons are too easy to be excited, and the threshold is low, which will lead to early shenanigans. To find out the cause of the sensitivity, if it is because the foreskin is too long, get a foreskin, and if it cannot be changed, try using a delay spray to reduce the sensitivity.

Note: Don't think about bringing more layers of condoms to solve it, it's very dangerous! ! Friction between TT is easy to break!

⑤ Psychological factors
Feeling nervous and anxious before sex, worrying about your performance...all may lead to short time. Men in this condition need encouragement and reassurance to build self-confidence, as well as take deep breaths to adjust tension.

There is another situation that must be paid attention to - if the male ticket has been in 1-3 minutes every time since his first sex life, this may be "primary premature ejaculation".

There is no specific cause for this condition, and you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

In addition, the younger brother who has a long time should also pay attention to this aspect of health care. After all, sexual ability will also be affected by age! ! The flowering period of men is also very short~😝

☞ Eat and rest regularly ☞ Do not smoke, drink, or stay up late ☞ Do not overindulge ☞ Actively exercise☞ Keep calm when you are

Doing these, can be said to be the perfect boyfriend ! 

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