About Fun-Mates

Fun-Mates was established in 2016, starting from the United States, we have expanded to North America, Europe, Asia and other major world markets.

Rapid Expansion

Just a few years we have grown into the largest bullet vibrator manufacturer in China.

Our Latest Design-Diana

Using the advanced sonic vibration function with our high-frequency vibration motor, Diana allowed female volunteers from all over the world to orgasm in just 15 minutes.

Start an Unforgettable Orgasm with Fun-mates...


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This a pretty amazing toy. Absolutely love it ; I am sure you can also find something you like.


If you wash your toys first, this s*** is kind of ultimate.


This product is fun even though I had to substitute a different body part for it. The different settings are great, allowing you to explore what type of vibration you would like.It has a magnetic charging port and clean up is easy. Overall, it’s a cute product, the color doesn’t really matter because I don’t see it where it goes.....ayo.No complaints I can think of.

G****dAuthor Designation

It is indeed waterproof. Sometimes I would like to use it in the bathroom.


It has very very soft skin and make me feel nice when I experimented with it.It has 11 different vibration for playing.


I've used this a few times, and the recipient of the stimulation was quite pleased with it.

O***aAuthor Designation

Easy to use and lot of fun!

Secure Payment

Secure payment via Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Klarna.

Fast Delivery

Received within 1-2 weeks after purchase.

Customer Service

Email: info@fun-mates.com
7*24 Hours Support.

Satisfied or Refunded

Fun-Mates offer up to 12 months warranty on any toy.

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