The Rose Toy Buying Guide You Must See Before Buying

The Rose Toy Buying Guide You Must See Before Buying

Dec 11, 2022



A "rose toy" has captivated TikTok users recently, with a string of user comments hailing it as the "holy grail" of "sex toys."


What is the Rose Toy?

According to Mashable, the rechargeable flower toy is called a "rose toy," but some sellers are said to have manufacturing issues and may not be suitable for delicate parts of the body.

 What is the Rose Toy Everyone is Talking About?

One commenter said they broke up with their partner after buying the rose toy. Another joked that she would consult her rose toy before considering another relationship.

TikTok user _queenk_95 commented that the toy's suction was so powerful it drove her to orgasm before she could find a video to masturbate to. The review has now garnered 1.3 million views.

In fact, rose toys have many shapes and different styles and functions. For example, they can be placed on the head of the bed as an atmosphere rose toy.

There are also multi-color rose toys that can be as colorful as roses.

And there are even fun-mates. An upgraded rose toy for two uses (sucking + vibrating dildo).

But they all share one very important trait, that delicate appearance, like rose petals — even if some rose vibrators don't look quite like roses.

How Does the Rose Vibrator Work?

Rose toys work like most vibrators, they mainly use internal power motors to vibrate and stimulate your key parts under a series of mechanical structures. The important thing is that rose vibrators have one more vibrators than normal vibrators. A sucking function, it can make you reach the peak many times like a soft and high-frequency vibrating tongue.

When the switch is turned on, you can feel a steady stream of pleasure, just like the water ripples in the picture above.

How to Use a Rose Sex Toy?

Many sex toy beginners may not know how to use the rose toy and how this sex toy can be used. Next, Fun-Mates will give you detailed answers.

  • To use the rose vibrator, first make sure it is charged or have a new spare battery, this will ensure your enjoyment in the game.
  • Next, apply some water-based lube to the rose vibrator and your vitals to make it easier for the rose toy to get with you key parts.
  • You can then insert or place the rose vibrator at key points in your vagina - typically the G-spot - according to your preference.
  • Once the rose vibrator is in place, turn it on and adjust the speed and intensity of the vibration.

You can experiment with different settings so you know which suck or vibration works best for you. You can use the rose vibrator during couples foreplay or during solo play.

Tips: The rose vibrator needs to be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner before and after each use.

 Where Can I Buy the Rose Toy?

This is a very important question because how you buy in bad stores can cost you some money financially and sometimes even some health problems, as mashable reported.

You can buy from rosetoyofficial or Adorime, they claim to be the official mall. But as far as I know, there is no official brand of Rose Toys at present, because Rose Toys only represents an adult style.

If you don't believe them, maybe you can buy rose toys at fun-mates, our rose toys have the function of sucking and vibrating insertion, and you can choose the upgraded version of Rose Toy 3.0.

And there is an absolutely reliable quality assurance, absolutely Won't let you come across some inferior product elsewhere, and $53.90 won't break the bank!


Rose Toys is definitely a new toy that makes you feel value for money. The multiple functions can bring you a variety of pleasant moments. The most important thing is that you can use it without worry if you buy it in a trusted store. Just like Fun-Mates Official Store.

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