The Most Comprehensive Guide for New to Use Rose Toys - Fun-Mates

The Most Comprehensive Guide for New to Use Rose Toys - Fun-Mates

Dec 17, 2022



What should I do if I don't know how to use the rose toy after buying it? Don't worry, Fun-mates has compiled the most comprehensive rose toy guide for you. Let you use worry-free.

How Does the Rose Toy Work?

The working principle of the rose vibrator is that the rotation of the motor drives the eccentric weight through the flexible shaft.

Since the center of gravity of the weight is not on the rotation axis, the unbalanced centrifugal force generated during the rotation causes the weight to vibrate strongly. The vibration occurs at the flexible end of the shaft.

The suction function is similar, so the user can grasp the flexible shaft to place the vibrator to the area that needs to be vibrated.

 How to Use a Rose Vibration?

1. Before use, check whether the power of the vibrator is sufficient, and use warm water or soapy water to clean the rose vibrator carefully.

2. Lubricate the vibrator, and then use it by holding the massage vibrator with your hands. It can be held by men or women for personal use.

3. Adjust the vibration mode. It is recommended to transition from very slight vibration to strong vibration. You can feel the stimulation of the rose toy in a layered manner. The rose button can change the vibration mode, and the power is turned on.

4. After use, you can use cleaning spray to clean and disinfect the rose vibrator, wipe it clean and store it for next use.

 How to Charge the Rose Toy?

 1. When the LED light of the product flashes continuously, it means that the power of the rose toy is in a low state, and it needs to be charged at this time.

2. Align the two prominent dots of the USB magnetic charging cable with the magnetic charging position corresponding to the rose toy, and it will automatically absorb.

3. When the product is in the charging state, the LED light will light up and flash slowly;

4. After the charging is completed, the indicator light will be on all the time, and you need to stop charging at this time.

Charging Precautions
The product cannot operate during charging, and it will automatically unlock after disconnecting the power supply. (Note that you cannot play while charging)

If it will not be used for a long time, please charge it at least once every three months, only use the standard USB charging cable. (this preserves battery life)

How Long Does It Take the Rose to Charge?

Normally, you need to charge for 1-2 hours.

How to Charge My Rose Toy Without Charger?

The USB plug can be connected to the USB interface for automatic charging, so you can charge it with electronic devices with USB holes, such as laptops and charging treasures.

How to Fix My Rose Toy?

We do not recommend that you repair the toy by yourself.

Because most rose toy sellers support a certain period of warranty, such as Fun-Mates we support up to 12 months warranty, during which time you use this product to cause damage to us It can be repaired for you free of charge, please see the warranty terms here for details.


After reading the above content, I think you should know how to use the rose vibrator correctly and maintain it better. If you have more questions, please leave a message below 👇👇.


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