7 Important Tips to Make Your Sex Life Satisfied During Foreplay - Fun-Mates

7 Important Tips to Make Your Sex Life Satisfied During Foreplay - Fun-Mates

Dec 02, 2022



If a woman does a good job of foreplay, her sex life will not be bad. In order for a woman to achieve harmony and pleasure in foreplay, both parties must put in some effort during sex.

So, what should a woman do in foreplay? What key points should be paid attention to? The sex experts of Fun-mates will summarize 6 important foreplay skills in daily life for you in the following article.

1. Weak.

Ancestors have inherited the ambition of hunting for men. If the female partner assumes a weak and conquered posture, the male partner will feel an inexplicable excitement.

Seeing his female partner put on his white shirt, the male partner will feel as excited as if he has conquered his female partner. Another suggestion is to wet the white T-shirt to create a transparent effect, and the excitement of the male partner will be 100% UP!

2. Take the Initiative.

Don't think that women will appear unreserved if they take the initiative. Men think this move is very sexy, interesting, charming, and satisfied to the point of being "needed". Another secret is to try to whisper in the ear of your male partner that there are no panties in the beautiful skirt when you are dating. This sentence is equivalent to a provocative escalation of "declaring war", and you can also try to lead his hand into the skirt , Let him touch his female partner's thigh, he must be eager to conquer her female partner.

3. Kiss Provocatively.

The tongue is composed of smooth muscle, which is soft, tender, slippery and flexible. Teasing sensitive skin with the tongue is better than any tool, and it is absolutely indispensable for sexual foreplay.

However, each person's tongue is different in length, so the method of use is also different. Sexual foreplay is important, but when couples use ventriloquism, they must first clean their mouth and body.

Moreover, it is carried out according to scientific methods, the movements are gentle, and remember to bite, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the lover.

4. Actively Cooperate and Be a Little Crazy.

With a little moaning, you don't actually have to worry about getting her into the mood. If it is a normal man, he will enter the state without doing anything! Instead, he is worried about whether you will enter the inner state, whether you will have an orgasm!

So you just need to concentrate on pushing yourself into the clouds until Jiuxiao! Because men think that the expression on a woman's orgasm is the sexiest! The best way to give yourself a sense of accomplishment! Make him feel like a real man!

5. Kiss Men's Sensitive Areas

Particularly sensitive areas for men are from the base of the ears to the neck, chest, abdomen, around the genitals, inner knees, inner thighs, and toes; his testicles are also very sensitive. The lips are probably the part that turns him on the most during foreplay, with touching lips or French kissing a man's excitement. But he hates sticking his tongue in his ear or kissing it.

There is a very sensitive erogenous zone between the testicles and the buttocks between the legs. A man is also willing to let people kiss his neck, ears, chest, and thighs, plus massage, hug, and caress. For stimulation, go on endlessly. "When he's high and passionate, his whole body is extremely sensitive, especially his back and feet. He likes to massage each other and get massages before getting down to business.

6. Comprehensive and Complete 'CARE' is the Most Important.

Almost every man likes a woman caressing his whole body. Men will want to be ravaged by their lovers. "Just dance or cuddle slowly. Feel the "sex" with your ears.

Men absolutely love showering with women, scrubbing and drying each other, and it's more sharing and caring than sex. He likes me to undress him. "Naked body hugging naked body; his back being gently caressed; passionate French kisses. It's all good foreplay. You can also use some sex toys during intimacy to let nature Sex is more fulfilling.

7. Good Visual Stimulation

During sexual life, both men and women need to establish good visual stimulation, pay attention to clothing, and choose soft, thin and transparent sexy underwear during sexual life, which can improve sexual charm.

During sexual life, the indoor light should be soft and hazy, and the indoor temperature should be adjusted at the same time.This will definitely turn him on.


The above methods are various methods of foreplay, choose and match according to the situation, such sufficient foreplay will make each other's sexual satisfaction stronger! Ready to give it a try? Then do it now!

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