5 Things Every Woman Must Know - How to Attract Men Gracefully

5 Things Every Woman Must Know - How to Attract Men Gracefully

Dec 24, 2022



Flirting, for both men and women, is a must-learn lesson. A good flirt is the key to a good life and the beginning of a good marriage.
Even the famous writer Zhang Ailing said in the article "Talking about Women": If you don't flirt with women, she says you are not a man. You can see the importance of flirting.

1.Women Are Sensual Animals

For women: If a man cuts off the love element of flirting and directly enters the physical relationship.In fact, it is the most disrespectful expression for women.

Because women are sentient animals,They themselves will ask themselves a question before having sex:"Does he want to express his feelings for me and his needs for me? Is it an advanced step in love? Or is he trying to vent his desires?

A man who doesn't know how to flirt will make your partner gradually accumulate a feeling,what does it feel like. "Is my existence a vessel for your desire to vent?"

Such a result will not have good sex, because the female partner cannot devote herself wholeheartedly, and at the same time, she will evaluate your character. If it is serious, it may make the relationship come to an end.

More importantly, Women have experienced this kind of sex without flirting for a long time,She will slowly lose her sex appeal. Finally, for her, the process of possible love is an obligation, as a woman's obligation.

That's why so many women feel that sex is really boring, and sex is just a homework that they have to do with their husbands every week.
For men:Flirting for Women: Flirting = Art = Seduction = Need

The way women express their needs is a little bit of temptation. It may be a gesture, a word, a piece of clothing, a set of actions.
Those are the inducing factors that stimulate the rise of male hormones. Although men are active,but they are very obsessed with the kind of temptation that seems like nothing. This kind of temptation can evoke their infinite reverie space and produce a unique sexual fantasy.Thus, it is transformed into a more exciting sexual behavior.

2.The Women How to Tease Men

I call it "TES" principle. T: Temptation temptation; E: Expression expression; S: Seduce seduce.
That is, women want to express their needs to men.The most wonderful way is: express your needs through temptation, and then slowly seduce him.In fact, as far as men are concerned, men don't like to see naked women directly at first sight,that can really make a man have an impulse.

But at the same time it will lose a lot of fun,Men, like women, are bidirectional.Not only to satisfy their sexual fantasies, but also to have perception. For the seduction of men, "still holding the pipa half-hidden" is the best expression.

3.What Should a Woman Do?

Verbal sexual innuendo.I suggest you say this:For example, call him by name: give him a name that is only called when the two of you are in bed. For example: Little Thief, Little Rascal, Tinker Bell, Big Hammer...

Then, calling his name in a coquettish tone,The crispier the better~ Of course, you can also use some semi-obscure language hints:For example: My dear, it's wet again, come and help me block the mouth of the creek or, guess what color underwear I'm wearing now? Think it over and guess (when not wearing underwear)

Or, I'm done washing, I'll wait for you on the bed, come quickly~These hints can be spoken face-to-face, or sent via WeChat text, or via WeChat voice~

In short, let him feel the heat and coquettishness of you little fairy~
Speaking of physical,Many of them I use often,And the effect is very good~For example, slowly undressing in front of him,Even to a man accustomed to seeing women's bodies.

Women's undressing is also full of temptations,It is the stamen in the beautiful petals peeled off layer by layer,It is also like a skilled craftsman making a beautiful work of art,in the eyes of men,

Women's undressing is not only the trust in men,It also makes men get a kind of secret joy to enjoy alone.For example, grab his hand and place it on your chest (be sure to have it through a piece of clothing).Tell and ask him, is it very soft,Then use your hands to touch his chest...for example, swing your hips, or move your hips to one side to show your curves,while licking his lips with his tongue.Think of Marilyn Monroe's charming eyes and red lips~

For example, in the bath, invite him over.Then let him stand by and watch you take a shower, preferably with a glass in the middle.
for example,Hold him tightly from behind, and then slowly stretch your hands into his body to caress him...

Behavioral flirting and seduction I think is too much,It can be direct or subtle.But no matter what it is, I believe that as long as it is a normal man, he will want to push it immediately you!

4.What Are the Ways and Principles of Men Flirting?

Principles for men to tease women: RLP principles Rhythmic matching language to express your passion.

Many men, when hugging, will take the initiative to caress, when kissing, they also tease women,Then this process must be rhythmic. At the same time, use language to express your passion, men are used to seduce women with the caress of their hands when hugging and kissing.

At this time, if women want to enter the game, what do they need?
What is needed is verbal seduction, because women are auditory animals;It needs rhythmic caressing, because women have their own sense of rhythm,Very repulsive to caress without rhythm.

Women need to feel love, because women feel that sex is part of love.
Love is a key to unlocking sex, and only by finding this key can the door of love be opened.


Therefore, it is a very wrong way to intervene in a man's sexual suggestion, relying on vulgar caressing and violence.Doing this will not only fail to open up the woman's lust, but also make the woman feel that there is no emotion at all.

In the end, men may still sleep on women, but women cannot fully devote themselves to the state.

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