The Most Complete Beginner's Guide to Rabbit Vibrators

The Most Complete Beginner's Guide to Rabbit Vibrators

Nov 11, 2022



Unlike bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators are dual stimulation toys. They have external stimulators (usually with G-spot stimulation) and internal stimulators.

So many people see this shape of vibrator and wonder, but how does it work and how to use it to make you feel better? Follow Us You will see below correct answer.

How Does a Rabbit Vibrator Work?

The 11000 rpm speed gives you an excellent experience of strong trembling and numbness, which can better stimulate your sensitive areas and deeply stir your orgasm nerves. But no matter how the shape changes, the principle of the rabbit vibrator is the same as the vibrating egg.

Heated Big Thrusting Sucking Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator has a motor inside, and a semi-cylindrical copper block is installed on the motor to deflect the center of gravity. When the motor is started, the small semi-cylindrical copper block on it is driven to rotate, causing the center of gravity to shift and causing the vibration effect. With the control of the current by the control circuit, the motor starts to rotate quickly and then slowly, so various vibration frequencies are transformed.

The full numb feeling produced by the rabbit vibrator makes you free and happy. Massage the user's sexually sensitive parts and female G-spots to stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, and maintain the "accommodating" effect of the vagina, avoiding The "disused sexual atrophy" of the vagina can achieve the purpose of physical therapy, masturbation, and increase interest. It can also be used for couples to flirt and effectively improve the quality of sexual life.

What Should I Pay Attention to Before Use?

Install Battery or Charge.

You don't want to run out of power and stop running when you are very happy to use it. So it is very important to check the battery and power before use (especially for the first time).

Generally, the battery compartment of the vibrator is at the bottom, rotate the battery box, and install the battery according to the instructions on the battery box.

If it is a charging type of vibration, there will be a manual indicating the location of the charging hole, just insert the charging cable into the charging socket.

So How Do You Charge the Vibrator? 

1. First connect the charger and charge the vibrator. The rear of the vibrator has a charging hole. into the charger connector.

2. When charging, the indicator light will flash while charging, and the indicator light will stop flashing after charging. This is the standard sign of being charged.

How to Use a Vibrator Rabbit ?

1.Experience Different Vibration Modes.

Change the vibration mode from very light to strong. Rabbit vibrator stimulation can be felt through layers of skin. The up and down arrows can change the vibration mode. The plus is to start the machine and increase the vibration intensity. The minus sign is to reduce the vibration intensity until the machine is turned off. The middle button is to press the lock key.

2.Adjust the Frequency to a Suitable Size and Touch the G-spot Lightly.

For some, it's hardly a feeling. For others, the feeling is strong enough to roll off the bed. The sensitivity of the vulvar nucleus varies from person to person. If this minimum intensity is too much for you, try to resist the labia so it doesn't directly touch the G-spot. Either separate the vibrator from you with a towel or blanket, or just wear underwear. If you need more intensity then slowly increase the frequency. In short, you need to find a moderate frequency.

3. Play Where You Are Most Comfortable.

Some people prefer the front and middle of the G-spot, while others prefer indirect contact (sneaky rather than direct). Imagine your G-spot is a delicious apple pie cut into quarters. You have to try them one by one and compare the different flavors of the pies.

4. When You Find the Best Intensity, Try Different Vibration Patterns.

Experiment with each mode and find the one you like best. While it's not a specific pattern that's sure to send you flying into the sky, many women find that they have a few preferences. Of course, if you are confused by the various modes, it is better to use the traditional mode.

It's a lot of fun experimenting with different intensities and modes, but if you're ready for an orgasm, you're definitely going to want to maintain a certain peak. When the vibrator comes in, let it hit the G-spot and start working. You may find your body wriggling a bit, this is normal and let your body respond naturally. Then, enjoy yourself ! 

Practical Tips for Clean Rabbit Vibrator.

   Cleaning your rabbit vibrator before and after use is a good way to keep your private parts hygienic, so how do you clean your rabbit vibrator? Here are some practical summaries based on everyday use in life.

 1. Thoroughly clean your rabbit vibrator before and after each use. Wash the subject with warm water and antiseptic soap. Rinse with clean hot water. Finally, pat dry with a dry lint-free cloth or towel.

2. Lubrication Choose water-soluble lubricants rather than silicone oil-based lubricants, as their formulations may permanently adhere to product surfaces.

3. Do not use cleaners containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone.

4. When cleaning, it is necessary to prevent water or other liquids from entering the battery case and cause the product to not be used normally.

5. Remove the battery when the product is not in use - this will give your bunny vibrator the longest life possible.

How Do You Use a Rabbit Vibrator?

You must be curious about what other players have to say about the rabbit vibrator? Let's see how they feel to use?

It feels very comfortable and smooth to the touch. After trying it, I feel it is really good. It is much easier to use than my boyfriend. The vibration horsepower is also quite comfortable, and it reached its peak after a while.

Fun-mates Double Head Vibrator - Flexible body, flexible fit, double head design, double jump pattern! Strong vibration motor, activate sensitive areas! Dynamic vibration frequency, pattern tremor is under your control!

This is the first time I use a vibrator to do this kind of thing. At first, I didn't know how to use it. Later, I found some resources to learn it. It was really exciting. It was very exciting. I can't stop at all, if only my husband was so powerful.

Fun-mates 12+8 Vibration Tentacle Dildo Stimulator's head is plump and round, the waist is slightly thinner, with an elevation design, it will not stretch the private parts, and it can easily reach the G-spot. During the orgasm experience, there is no pressure on the body and mind, and it is relaxed and comfortable. , two words to describe - comfortable. Looking forward to the next use !


For those with vaginas, the Rabbit Vibrator is a versatile dual stimulation toy that combines the external pleasure of a clitoral vibrator with the internal satisfaction of a vibrating dildo, adding extra G-spot satisfaction.

So, which fun rabbit vibrator will you choose? Welcome to leave a message here to let us know more.👇👇

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