What is a Kegel Ball and What is It Used For? 5 Things You Must Know About Kegel Balls Before Buying.

What is a Kegel Ball and What is It Used For? 5 Things You Must Know About Kegel Balls Before Buying.

Nov 18, 2022



Kegel balls, also known as benwa balls, are a pelvic floor rehabilitation training device. Have been used for centuries to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. It is designed according to women's vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, used to exercise women's vaginal muscles, strengthen the functional recovery of pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs and prevent women's pelvic floor dysfunction disease, etc.
This type of exercise that works your pelvic floor muscles is called a Kegel exercise, so you must know what a Kegel exercise is before understanding the Kegel ball.

What is Kegel Exercise?

Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic exercises, were published in 1948 by Arnold Kegel, a physician in the United States, by repeatedly scaling part of the pelvic muscles (also commonly known as "Kegel muscles"). Kegel exercises are often used to reduce urinary incontinence, postpartum incontinence in women.

The pelvic floor muscles refer to the muscle group that closes the pelvic floor. It is like a huge elastic hammock, which tightly hangs the urethra, bladder, vagina, uterus and other organs to maintain the normal position and function. When the elasticity of the "hammock" becomes poor, it is difficult for the organs in the "net" to maintain their normal positions, and dysfunction occurs.

Such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, etc., and even affect the great harmony of life movement that you care about most. Affected by factors such as maternity, age, etc., female pelvic floor muscles are often damaged more seriously! Therefore, it is especially important to exercise the pelvic floor muscles! Kegel exercises are an effective way to help you recover.

Kegel Ball Instructions

We have learned the origin of Kegel movement above, so what is the function of the Kegel ball?

What Are the Kegel Balls For?

Kegel balls are similar to vaginal dumbbells, and the function is also the same to help exercise the pelvic floor muscles and improve the muscle strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

Put the Kegel ball into the vagina, and use the descending effect of the weight of the rehabilitation device to force the vaginal muscles to contract, so as to achieve the purpose of perineal muscle exercise. Long-term adherence to exercise can promote the firming of private parts, enhance the strength of pelvic floor muscles, and prevent pelvic organ sagging.

It can help women accurately locate the pelvic floor muscles, improve pelvic floor dysfunction, maintain the durability of pelvic floor rehabilitation, and improve married life.

The Benefits of Using Kegel Balls.

1. Before you do kegel exercises, it is very important to correctly find the pelvic floor muscles that make up the pelvic floor. Kegel balls can help you easily find your pelvic floor muscles and reduce the difficulty of beginners getting started.

2. Some weighted kegel suits can be used for you at different stages, making it easier for you to upgrade your workouts.

What Does the Kegel Ball Do?

Kegel balls are designed according to women's vagina and pelvic floor muscles, which can help women accurately locate pelvic floor muscles, improve pelvic floor dysfunction, maintain the durability of pelvic floor rehabilitation, improve married life and prevent women's pelvic floor dysfunction. disease, etc.

Long-term use of Kegel balls for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation is useful, especially for married or postpartum women, as well as for those with vaginal laxity and uterine prolapse. Training with kegel balls strengthens the contractions of the vaginal muscles, resulting in tighter private parts. Kegel balls can help women accurately position the pelvic floor muscles, and through the continuous training process, can maintain the durability of the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel balls are only suitable for use during training, and cannot be placed in them all the time, because during the training process, the vagina and anus need to be contracted and relaxed at the same time. After use, take the Kegel ball out of the body, without having to keep the ball inside the body, to avoid affecting daily movement and physical comfort.

Can the Kegel Ball Be Tightened?

According to the feedback of real use experience, this is of course possible.Long-term adherence to Kegel exercises will make the private parts more compact. Because during the training process, the pubococcygeus muscle can be contracted, thereby enhancing the muscle strength of the pelvic floor muscles. For people with pelvic floor muscle relaxation problems, the effect is more significant.

Depending on the degree of individual vaginal relaxation, the effective time is also different, usually after three months of Kegel exercise, there will be a certain effect.


After reading the above content, it is obvious that you have a preliminary understanding of Kegel balls. Kegel balls are a good tool for assisting Kegel movement, and of course you can also use it as a good sex toy .

Kegel exercises have different benefits for women at different stages, and you can read more about Kegels in this article of ours.

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