12 Ways to Flirt with Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You More.

12 Ways to Flirt with Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You More.

Nov 26, 2022



Everyday life kills lust because it's so routine, everything follows the rules, everything is boring, everything lacks passion.

The famous psychologist Robert J. Sternberg believes that one of the essential elements of a perfect relationship is "passion". Sternberg points out that the role of passion is to create infatuation.

Without the role of passion, if there is only intimacy, it will become friends and buddies; with passion and intimacy, romantic love can be formed.

How to maintain the freshness and excitement with the other half, and keep the love fresh? Learn the unparalleled magic that makes your boyfriend addicted, and let your relationship be like dry wood in a fire.

Keep It Fresh and Exciting

Tell Him About Your Bold Behavior

1. Oops, I only found out during lunch that I forgot to wear underwear!
2. I have never taken such a photo of sexy, I just show you alone
3. I watched a pron movie all night, I really want to try it with you.
4. Today's coat is a little thin, and the bra is exposed.
5. Look, I bought this little toy! Does it look fun?
6. I accidentally wet the sheets while masturbating.

Share Your Sexual Fantasies

1. I can't help but think..., what should I do?
2. I had a dream. I went into the bedroom with a super sexy male model. In the dream, I was in a high nest.
3. I watched a pron movie last night, the woman in it was tied up on the bed, and I got wet.
4. Brother, can you share with me your pron film?
5. I can't help but imagine those warm pictures, how to break them?
6. Imagine future sex scenes
7. Next time, let's try this.
8. When I come to pick you up on the next date, I want to see if you are wearing underwear.
9. Look at this little toy, I will use it for you next time.
10. Next time let's look in the mirror so I can see how you got into me.
11. Next time we are in the hotel, it feels so good!

Role-playing Words Add to the Fun

What do you usually call your other half? Baby, darling, or just your real name?
One day, when he comes home from get off work, let's have a cosplay!

Put on a high uniform and act as a pure student girl and call him "brother", put on an OL suit and act as a little secretary and say to him, "The boss needs. Want to give you a massage? "…
Interesting pictures with what you say will definitely make him knock you down immediately.

Disclosure Needs

There is a common sense in psychology: human actions are not produced for no reason, actions are caused by motives, and motives are caused by needs.
What is demand? It's your current state of mental imbalance. You have to express your inner needs to him, so that the other party understands your needs, so that he can easily stimulate his behavior.

Use the Following Words:

Do not hesitate to express your feelings.It's the same reason that girls yell "so cute!" when they see small animals.

When the other party makes you very comfortable,Don't be stingy to say it out loud!
"So comfortable", "so deep"... all men love to hear~
A man who is a visual animal will see in your eyes the haze in your eyes and the obscenity in your mouth.
The pleasure of conquering one's own woman is indescribable

Slightly More Direct

1. Let me eat you.
2. Come and hammer me.
3. I want to be spanked by you.
4. I don't care about anything else, I just want you tonight.
5. I want you every inch of my body.
6. I want to sleep with you across half of China.
7. Tell me what you want me to do to you.
8. Your words make me feel like a lot of water.
9. Who can resist you like this? Oops, I'm already hard as iron.
10. Can you grab my butt when you go in?
11. When you play by yourself, are you thinking of me?

Slightly Tactful

1. Baby, I'd love to see what you're wearing today.
2. If you tease me like this again, I must find a place to solve it by myself.
3. Last night I had a dream that you were naked and soaked.
4. I can't do it just by seeing your words.
5. I want you to be gentle with me.
If only you were here, you would see me like this.

Express Appreciation

It's not just women who like to listen to sweet talk, men also can't resist being nice and obedient! Especially when it comes to the words and phrases in the boy's heart, his ears will still feel numb for a while.

Harvard University professor and psychologist William James said: "The deepest desire of the human heart is to be appreciated by others."

Sexual interaction is always a pas de deux, and one of the cardinal rules of this dance is appreciation and affirmation.

Confidence in his heart, when his deepest longings are fulfilled, makes him hard as gold/hard as iron.

Praise Each Other Directly

1. Your chest muscles are like hard gems, so sexy!
2. Your collarbone is the sexiest, bar none.
3. Your eyes see right through my soul.
4. Being with you is the happiest thing in the world.
5. I don't usually say this, but you look so sexy.
6. When I see you, I get wet!

Tell the Other Person How Ta Makes You Feel

1. As long as you call my name, I will lose control of my whole body.
2. I dreamed of you again last night. What was the dream about? Sorry to tell you.
3. My bikini is brand new, I can't wait to show it to you.
4. I woke up this morning and couldn't help but want to kiss you, kiss you hard for a long time.
5. Sitting next to you tonight, I made three wishes, guess what?
6. Do you know the smell on your body that makes me want to eat you?
7. I'm crazy! Because I saw you once!
8. When masturbating, I miss you!

Remember Your Feeling in " Last Time"

1. I've been thinking about how you knocked me off the wall when you came last time.
2. My God! What you did to me with your tongue last time - I feel hot just thinking about it!
3. I will think of your crazy look last time for a long, long time.
4. Since the last time we were apart, the cuties on my body have been missing you.
5. After that time, I often couldn't help wanting to masturbate.
6. I have been thinking about what happened last night, and I can't go to work properly.
7. Do you still remember when was the last time we made a love? I can not wait anymore.
8. I have been recalling the feeling of your hand touching my whole body.


After confirming the relationship between male and female friends, you need to show your excellence when getting along with boys, and take the initiative in your own hands.

The above techniques are just a variety of ways to make him love you more, so how do you make this approach work? Go and put it into practice.

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