How to Use Rose Vibrator - Beginner Guide

How to Use Rose Vibrator - Beginner Guide

Jan 13, 2023



If you've been looking for a way to spice up your sex life, or just want something new to play with, a vibrator may be the answer. Especially the rose toy that has been popular on tiktok recently. So what is a rose toy and how to use it ? After reading the following content, you will have a good understanding.


How Do the Rose Toy Works?

It can be seen that the rose toy has a suction cup with a licking style and a flexible protruding head similar to a penis. There is a small but powerful vibration motor inside each of them, when you gently press the open button . I think you can experience an unprecedented wonderful experience.

What Do Rose Toys Do?

Sex toys mainly have the following functions
1. Treatment to improve sexual function;
2. Increase interest in sex life;
3. It can achieve orgasm and obtain sexual satisfaction with the help of sexual equipment stimulation.

Like most adult toys, rose toys also have the above three functions. At the same time, the unique shape of the rose toy also indicates that sex life can help you stay young forever.

How to Use the Rose Vibrator?

If this is your first time, take some time to "warm up" and get yourself excited. It's going to be fun! Caressing your own body, fingering your labia and clitoris...in short: get yourself going before you get that rose.

Sucking Function

Aim at sensitive points and lick the tongue, ranging from slow to fast, stimulating more than 8,000 sensitive nerves hidden deep in the G-spot, and experience the feeling of the sensitive points being disturbed by tongue licking.

Dildo's Breakthrough Features

Gently and gently enter, and slowly insert. It is recommended to transition from very slight vibration to strong vibration, and you can feel the bursts of stimulation from the massage vibrator. By increasing the vibration intensity and decreasing the vibration intensity, you can adjust it according to your feelings.

If it is held by your lover, you must communicate well and tell him clearly what frequency and strength make you more exciting.

APP Control Sucking Toy

How to Use the Rose Flower Toy

Single Play
You can use the tongue licking function of the rose toy to walk around the whole body, and then stimulate your body sensitivity to the highest point

Alright, now grab your vibrator. Turn the frequency to the lowest and touch the clitoris lightly. For some, it's barely felt; for others, it's so intense that you'll roll out of bed. The sensitivity of the clitoris varies from person to person. If this minimum intensity is too much for you, try covering your labia so it doesn't directly touch your clitoris; or keep the vibrator away from you with a towel or blanket, or simply wear underwear. If you need more intensity, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

Couple Foreplay

It's really fun to enjoy with your eyes closed, just like a masked bondage in a BDSM game. You never know where the stimulation will be next. When you want it most, the big fight is on the verge.

In doing so, they allow their innermost self to break free, opening new possibilities and experiences. The rose's blooms may be seen as a symbol of energy, life and love (among other things).

Can Rose Toy Be Used in Water?

This is of course no problem, all sex toys are waterproof to a certain extent. However, we do not recommend that you use rose toys in a bathtub filled with water.

 How to Clean a Rose Toy?

The used toys have a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residues. If they are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so they need to be cleaned as soon as possible after use.

When cleaning, you only need to use warm water or soapy water to clean it. Be careful not to use brushes or acidic cleaners to clean it.


Rose toy is the best sex toy designed for women and men! With this captivating and exciting toy, you will enjoy the shape, size and color of rose. You'll love the sensation it gives you by using it with a partner during your intimate moments. You may feel aroused or sexually satisfied after using this product.it will be your best sex partner


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