How To Make Yourself Cum- Tips for Self-Pleasure

How To Make Yourself Cum- Tips for Self-Pleasure

May 17, 2023



Whether you're a newcomer to sexual pleasure or seeking to experience your first solo orgasm, this article aims to help you reach your desired climax. It's important to note that orgasms can vary in terms of timing and barriers to pleasure. About 10 to 15 percent of women have never experienced an orgasm, and various factors like mental health, stress, past trauma, sexual shame, or medications can affect one's ability to reach orgasm. By understanding your own barriers and learning more about your anatomy, you can increase your chances of experiencing pleasure.

Top 5 Tips for Self-Pleasure:

Arousal is key:
Building up arousal is crucial for a satisfying orgasm, whether you're alone or with a partner. Take time to focus on foreplay and gradually increase your arousal. This helps increase blood flow to your genitals, enhancing sensitivity and leading to a deeper and more intense orgasm.

Harness the power of breath:
Your breath is a powerful tool for enhancing sexual pleasure. Pay attention to your breathing during solo or partnered sex, and try to deepen and slow your breath. By bringing awareness to your breath and deepening it, you can heighten arousal and potentially even control your orgasm.

Embrace playfulness:
Sex doesn't always have to be serious. Release any tension, anxiety, or performance pressure by approaching self-pleasure with a sense of exploration and playfulness. Focus on what feels good in the moment and enjoy the journey without worrying about reaching a specific outcome.

Shift your perspective:
Instead of solely focusing on achieving orgasm, shift your mindset to prioritize pleasure and feeling good. Remove the pressure of reaching a particular goal and simply enjoy the sensations and experiences along the way. This change in perspective can help create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Explore new possibilities:
Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different techniques, toys, lubes, or erotica. By exploring various forms of stimulation and arousal, you can discover your own unique combination that leads to orgasm. Vibrators, G-spot stimulation, blended orgasms, nipple play, and different positions are just a few examples of what you can explore.
You’ll never know the extent of what you like in bed if you don’t explore.

If you are learning how to make yourself cum, the best thing you can do is try new things. In doing so you’ll unlock your perfect combination of stimulation and arousal techniques.

Try these:

Clit sucking vibrators (OMFG they’re unreal)
G-spot vibrators
Tingling lubricants
Shallowing/rimming with your fingers
Blended orgasms
Various positions (on your back, on your knees, on your side, in the shower, on the floor, you get the picture.
Nipple stimulation
Double penetration
Visual, auditory, or written erotica
Slow sex techniques
If you think sex toys aren’t for beginners, you’d be wrong.

There are endless types of vibrators that would be amazing for beginners. Some even find that vibration is necessary to get them to their happy ending.

Remember that learning to climax is a personal journey that may evolve over time. Focus on what feels good to you and embrace self-exploration. Each person's experience is unique, so be patient and kind to yourself as you discover what brings you pleasure.

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