8 Tips on How to Make Him Love You More!

8 Tips on How to Make Him Love You More!

Aug 29, 2022




Whispering is one of the sexiest things you can do to let your man know that he's important to you. This list will give some ideas for you, but don't be afraid to get creative!

Read a Romance Novel

Generally speaking, men are easily stimulated by images and women are easily provoked by words. The descriptions of the sexes in those romance novels can help you indulge in a certain sexual fantasy and arouse your sexual desire. So, you can read a romance novel an hour before you're ready to have sex.

Boldly Express Demands

Just lying on the bed thinking, "He will caress my sensitive area soon, I know he will." This is not only too optimistic, but also a waste of good sex time. The mouth isn't just for kissing, it's also used to tell each other what to tease you and what not to. Instead of criticizing "you don't touch my breasts enough", if you say "I like you kissing my breasts, can you kiss me a little longer?" The effect is completely different.

It's better to tell him what's going right than to scold him for a lot of inadequacies and make your advice sound positive. You can also ask him if he prefers heavier or lighter touches? Which technique does he think is the best? You want to know what makes him excited and comfortable, and he'll be happy to ask you if he needs to improve?

Sleep on Silky, Shiny Sheets

When the nearly flawless, satin-smooth sheets touch your bare skin, you can't help but be aroused, a lust that indulges all the senses. Silky sheets are just one of a thousand ways. Change one sensory stimulus each time you have sex, and you won't get bored.

Stimulate his hearing with music or talk to him during sex, describe your feelings to him in detail, ignite his sense of smell with burning scented oil, and apply perfume to let him appreciate the natural sweetness you exude when you are excited.

The body fragrance of honey. Caress can be done with different materials, such as with your hair, decorative feathers, scarves or fingers; with food, champagne and all parts of your body to please his palate.

Dare to Say "no" Kindly.

It is impossible for a person to have sex or to think about sex all the time. Everyone's sex drive is affected by hormone levels, stress, and health conditions, and if you're in bed at the moment and just want to sleep, say "no" rather than pretend.

You can honestly say "I'm so tired and I just want a hug" or "I'm not emotional at all and don't know why" and that's enough to make him figure out that you're rejecting sex instead of rejecting him. But if you're going to cause controversy when you say "no", then you need to think about not saying "no" too much.

Men Love Preludes Too.

Some men still think that the prelude is what a woman loves, so they have to do it until the woman is satisfied. However, many men find that kissing, licking, touching and poking are really good. They like to put off intercourse because they know they will feel more excited that way.

When he gives you a prelude, he observes your body as he hugs and caresses you, while also enhancing his own sexuality. If you also pay attention to his whole body and his feelings, he will cherish it very much.

Don't Pretend to Be an Orgasm!

We often feign orgasm to have sex, and men pay little attention because we are afraid of hurting his feelings. Some sex therapists point out that if you can orgasm 90 percent of the time you have sex with your partner, you can fake the remaining 10 percent.

But if you never had an orgasm with him, there's no point in faking it. If he always thought he had done it, how could he go to study again? Work up the courage to tell him "that doesn't actually work for me...that's how..."You'll both be happier then.

Go Outside to Make Love.

Standard partners usually have sex in 2-3 positions, and even if you don't bother to accept any of the positions advocated by sexologist Kema Huet, at least you should get out of the bedroom.

Sex on the beach, in the car, on the balcony, changing locations can make sex more interesting and make you experience the pleasure of being naked. If you're worried about being discovered by completing the entire process, at least indulge in a lively prelude.

Be Comfortable with Your Lover.

You habitually bend your body into a spoon shape and lie on the bed with your face to his back, and you will feel warm, safe and comfortable. It will please you to keep your body as close as possible to his skin.


Whispering is one of the sexiest things you can do. It can be as simple as saying "I love you" or "I swear, I'm not crazy about this restaurant but I think we might need to go here tonight."

Whispering is also a great way to show someone how much you care, so make sure your words are sincere and they come from the heart.

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