How Fun Mates Can Help You Recover Better After Giving Birth.

How Fun Mates Can Help You Recover Better After Giving Birth.

Sep 02, 2022




For many women, childbirth is the most painful and traumatic experience they will ever face in their lives. It’s not just physical pain that causes women to suffer during and after delivery – it can also cause emotional distress and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your recovery through exercises designed specifically to help you recover faster from the birth experience. One particular product that has been shown to make a huge difference in this area is Mignon. This device uses vibration caused by electric current to help strengthen muscles around the pelvic floor – including those not used during childbirth.

Why do you need postpartum recovery?

You could be experiencing several symptoms from a weakened pelvic floor.

  • Pain during sex.

  • Pain during urination and bowel movements.

  • Difficulty with bowel movements, which may mean constipation or hemorrhoids are contributing to your pain.

  • Difficulty with urination (including an inability to fully empty the bladder), which could cause incontinence or a loss of bladder control if left untreated over time.

After giving birth, the muscles that support your uterus and the vaginal walls and perineum weaken.The pelvic floor muscles are essential for bladder control and sexual pleasure as well as supporting the uterus and vagina. When these muscles become weak after childbirth, it can cause several issues including:

  • Urinary incontinence ( leaks)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse (when organs fall out of place)
  • Intercourse discomfort

These symptoms can be avoided with regular use of mignon capsules before sex so that they will recover faster after their period has finished.This may lead to urinary incontinence or pelvic floor disorders. Mignon Can Help You Recover Better after Giving Birth!

        Women are often embarrassed to talk about postpartum recovery.

        Women are often reluctant to talk about the physical and emotional changes they experience after giving birth.

        • Women are often embarrassed to talk about postpartum recovery.
        • Women are often embarrassed to talk about sexual health.
        • Women are often embarrassed to talk about their bodies, both physically and mentally.

        Women are often embarrassed to talk about their bodies with their partners—and that’s understandable!

        But we can get over that embarrassment if we just think about why it matters so much: because when you look at your body after giving birth, it might remind you of what happened the day before (or weeks earlier). It could give you flashbacks of painful memories from those first few weeks after giving birth; or maybe even keep bringing up some bad feelings from earlier on in life (like when someone hit on me or made fun of me).

        If this happens again after having a child, then maybe there will be some kind of physical reaction where I suddenly feel really uncomfortable around certain people who used these same kinds of words back then; but if we don't learn how not react badly towards ourselves postpartum recovery process...

        Many women find it hard to do Kegel exercises 

        Image from centerforurologiccare

        Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Many women find it hard to do Kegel exercises – and many don’t know how in the first place. You can do them anywhere, even in the car or at your office!

        Kegels are also an easy way for you to get better recovery after giving birth if you want to avoid having another baby any time soon. It allows you to enjoy sexual pleasure while helping you restore your body

        Why Mignon can help you get better

        Mignon is a Kegel exerciser that helps you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The device comes with an app, which allows you to track how many times you can squeeze in a day and see how well they're doing.

        It's designed to be easy to use: just insert it into your vagina, then squeeze like normal when prompted by the app; after 30 seconds of holding each squeeze for five seconds every morning and night for eight weeks (or longer), Mignon will give you feedback about whether or not it feels like all those squeezes have helped build up muscle strength in your pelvic floor muscles.

        If not enough time has passed since giving birth—or if there are other reasons why it might be difficult for women with children who use this device—they may need some extra help from another source before beginning their therapy program again; however, most people find that starting simply isn't difficult at all !

        How Mignon can help you become better

        Mignon can help you recover better after giving birth. It's designed to help you heal and strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth, which is an important part of your body for sexual function, overall health and enjoyment of life.

        More benefits of using Mignon

        Aside from reducing discomfort, using Mignon can increase bladder control, improve sexual function and enhance orgasms later on.

        1. Improved bladder control: The Mignon can help to normalize the body’s ability to retain urine and release it when needed. This helps you prevent urinary tract infections, which is important for new moms who are prone to UTIs during their pregnancy or postpartum recovery period.
        2. Enhanced sexual function: Some women experience decreased libido after giving birth because they have been through a traumatic event such as childbirth.
        3. While there are many things that can help boost your libido after delivery, one of them is regular exercise with partner; however, if you do not want anything physical going on between the two of you yet but still want something fun together...or even just alone! Then consider getting some massages before bedtime so that these treatments will leave both parties feeling relaxed enough for sleep!


        Mignon can help you recover better after giving birth. It will improve your health and your sex life, and it’s a great way to do Kegel exercises. Mignon doesn’t cost much (only few dollars), so it won’t disrupt your budget or cause any stress on your part.

        You can also use Mignon without having to go through a doctor visit or gynecologist – no more waiting in long lines at the clinic !

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