Name: GJB vagina shrinking ball
Function: tighten vagina
Control type: manual
Color: rose red
Material: silicone, steel balls
Full body waterproof-medical silicone-physical vaginal shrinkage
GJB shrinking vagina ball
Exercise to tighten vaginal muscles
Postpartum vaginal exercise physical therapy sex toys, pelvic floor muscle repair, vaginal tightening

Vagina shrinking balls, also called vaginal dumbbells, or vaginal yoga balls, are a type of exercise that women place in the vagina to enhance the sensitivity and flexibility of the vaginal wall, female sphincter, and pelvic floor muscles, making them instantly sensitive like a mimosa. , and then the relaxation of the muscles in the vaginal wall accelerates the pleasure of orgasm.
According to surveys, most women, especially postpartum women, will suffer from vaginal laxity, and vaginal shrinkage balls solve the problem of female vaginal laxity through physical movements.

How does GJB vaginal shrinking ball exercise vaginal muscles?
1. Stimulate physical reactions
After the vaginal shrinking ball is placed into the vagina, the built-in steel balls will continuously roll and hit the shell, thereby stimulating the subconscious contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. Long-term exercise can restore vaginal tightness.
2. Principle of gravity
After the vaginal shrinking ball is placed into the vagina, it will fall and slide down due to gravity. The vaginal muscles will naturally react to clamp and contract. Long-term exercise can achieve the vaginal shrinking effect.

Q: The outer box will have any words aboult sex product when send?

A: You can be reassured that all of our adult sex toys come discreetly packaged.

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Q: Why I press the button, but it doesn't work?

A: Double-pressing the button will cause it to turn on and turn off. Make sure to press and hold the button 2 seconds and then let go.

Q: How do clean the toys?

A: Cleaning with your favourite toy cleaner or warm, soapy water is sufficient.

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Care Introductions

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