Every Woman Should Know Some Myths About Masturbation !

Every Woman Should Know Some Myths About Masturbation !

Sep 16, 2022



The girls who have been asking various masturbation-related questions recently are heartbroken and pounding their chests every time they see them.
  • - Maternal and fetal solo does not have a boyfriend but likes to masturbate. Is this a disease?
  • - Will masturbation by rubbing the yin base often make the bottom loose? I'm about to "snap" with my boyfriend, so I'm worried that he will dislike me for being too loose...
  • - I heard that frequent masturbation will not only make the place dark, but also affect the health of the body, a little panic...
That's right, in order to let everyone face up to their physical needs and master the scientific method of masturbation, today we will take you to understand these very important but no one has ever taught you content - masturbation.

Like Masturbating, is Sick/Unloving?

We have received questions like this from girls in the background more than once, and we can also feel the fear and helplessness of girls from various questions in different forms but with the same essence.

Masturbation, like sex, is an extremely private matter. Most of the family atmosphere is more traditional, and few parents seriously teach their children to deal with their desires reasonably.

Many people, because they lack the necessary physiological knowledge and scientific sex education, cast an unclean color on masturbation in their hearts. They not only put a heavy shackle on their backs, but also use this concept to influence the people around them and their next generation.

But in fact, there is no need for us to panic because we have physical desires. Sexual desire is one of the most primitive instincts of human beings. With the advent of puberty, the level of hormones in the body gradually increases, sexual function tends to mature, and sexual needs will also Correspondingly more intense day after day.

Women's sexual desire is generally expressed as: under the stimulation of sexual stimulation, there is a desire to complete the physical and mental union with a sexual partner, requiring touch and accommodating.

The sexual stimuli here can come from touch, vision, hearing, smell or even taste, or they can be conditioned stimuli based on thinking activities such as sexual fantasy, sexual awareness, and sexual experience.

If you are single or your partner is temporarily away (of course, there is also a problem that your partner's skills are not good), you may need to do it yourself and have enough food and clothing.

I hope everyone can understand that masturbation is a normal thing and a sign of our gradual growth. Facing our innate desires, the first thing we should learn is to face it, recognize it and deal with it reasonably, instead of being ashamed of it, avoiding it or even hating it.

How Can I Getting a Better Masturbation?

First of all, masturbation requires a quiet, safe and clean environment, which is very important, not only to ensure that you can devote yourself fully, but also to ensure personal and privacy safety. Before masturbating, it is recommended to take a shower, at least to clean the private parts.

Secondly, it is about correcting your attitude and honing your skills. The attitude is to be serious and careful. Don’t feel ashamed and don’t regard your desires as enemies. As for skills, don’t worry about newbies. This can be slowly acquired through repeated practice of.

Generally speaking, the most common methods of masturbation are pinching legs, using fingers, and using props.

1. Clamp Legs

Clamping legs is probably the most time-saving, labor-saving, and power-saving method. To put it simply, leg clamping is to rub and stimulate the genitals by clamping and twisting the legs (some people also choose to clamp pillows or quilts and other items) to make them congested and excited, thereby forming sexual pleasure and orgasm.

For some girls, this is a skill that has not been taught by themselves since childhood. Many studies have shown that leg pinching mostly occurs in children and adolescents, which is not surprising. Some researchers even pointed out that the fetus will be in the womb. Internal masturbation, which is why sometimes fetal heart rate monitoring shows rhythmic sinusoidal waves.

Generally, parents will notice this situation. If you can remind and divert your child's attention in time, this behavior will disappear, which is why some people do not have the habit of pinching their legs. However, if parents don't find out, then this behavior that can bring sexual pleasure or orgasm will continue until adulthood begins to become an actively selected method of masturbation.

In fact, pinching your legs is just a common way of masturbation. The reason why many people choose to get pleasure by pinching their legs may be mainly because they think it saves trouble and does not consume electricity, but it should be noted that if you choose to clamp pillows and quilts Wait, we must ensure that the items are clean and clean, and also pay attention to the sanitation before and after the event.

Of course, there are still some girls who may not know how to get pleasure by pinching their legs until now, so they may need some other help, such as fingers.

2. Fingers

Nearly 60% of women choose to masturbate with their hands. This is the most convenient way. After all, no one knows their body better than you, and I heard that the flexibility of fingers and the sensitivity of yin dick are very good!

When using your hands, you can usually choose to stimulate the tissues around the yin pedicle and the small yin lips. This method is relatively gentle and will not produce too strong stimulation. The movements should be gentle and slow, and experienced players can also give different levels of strength.

Of course, you can use Fun Mates finger bullet vibrator. It can help you get the orgasm you want better while reducing your hard work.

At the same time, you can also stimulate other parts, such as perianal or rudimentary, it depends on your own sensitive zone. Oh, I forgot to mention that the supine position is generally chosen when using the hands, because there is more room to play.

But there are still relatively few people who actually use finger penetration to achieve orgasm. How do you say it, you experience and understand the word "scratch the itch".

3. Vibrator

I have to say that human beings are really creative in making themselves happy, such as the evil cakes, fried chicken, donuts, and the "fat house happy water" that contemporary youth must have. All kinds of props to make yourself better and faster to orgasm.

Masturbation is originally a casual thing, everyone can choose their favorite way and props to caress their body, but! After seeing all kinds of strange and various vaginal foreign bodies and anal foreign bodies in the outpatient clinic, I still can't help but remind everyone: Before putting objects in the body, please think about whether you can take them out...

Bottles and jars, table legs, chair legs, etc., please keep them where they should be. After all, I just wanted to have a little fun with myself. If I accidentally take it off and be watched in the hospital, I want to It's a bit embarrassing to think about...

Besides, it’s not that there is no choice. You have to use those strange things. Many conventional masturbation products on the market can be tried. After all, they have been sold as commodities. At least its safety, convenience, operability, etc. are all available. Guaranteed, of course, the premise is to buy in regular channels.

These female masturbation products usually rely on regular vibration frequency to stimulate the clitoris, vulva and vagina for pleasure, and this method is gradually accepted by more and more people. Products on the market are roughly divided into the following categories:

They look alike: they look very realistic and move very scary. They are often seen in European and American films. They are often produced in picturesque small towns in southern China. They mainly rely on insertion to generate pleasure.

The form is abstract: I don’t know how to use it without reading the manual, more than a dozen frequencies, more than 20 modes, all-in-one, flipping up and down, waterproof and anti-leakage, temperature, large price range, 20 to 300,00 not wait. How to say, in short, expensive is good.

Egg-like: This product is widely known but rarely well received, because it is really not very easy to use, the stimulation area is very limited, and sometimes the hands are numb and unsatisfactory.

The price of these products is from 20 US dollars to 1000 US dollars. If you are buying for the first time, it is not recommended to buy too expensive ones. After all, you are a beginner. You can choose a moderate price according to your personal income level, and you will find yourself slowly. After knowing the needs and hobbies, you can choose advanced products in a targeted manner.

If you really don't want to spend money on props, then bathroom showers and electric toothbrushes may also be a tool for you to caress yourself. They all help the owner to orgasm by physically stimulating the clitoris and vulva.

The intensity and distance of the water flow of the shower need to be controlled by yourself. Under the appropriate water temperature, continuous stimulation can achieve the desired effect. However, it should be noted that the time cannot be too long, and the vagina cannot be directly rinsed, otherwise it will affect the balance of flora. The use of electric toothbrushes actually relies on vibration, but we need to solemnly remind you: pay attention to oral hygiene...

Myths About Masturbation

Finally, we summarize some of the most frequently asked and concerned questions, hoping to better answer the confusion of girls about masturbation.

1. Is Masturbation Addictive?

Strictly speaking, masturbation is indeed addictive.

For example, sex addiction does exist, but this is a disease, not a normal physiological need, and needs to be treated.

But generally speaking, in most cases, nearly 70% of people can control their masturbation behavior and arrange it reasonably. Like eating, masturbation is a desire of the body. Whether it is an addiction depends on the degree of dependence. If masturbation only meets normal physiological needs, there is a high probability that it will not be addictive.

2. Does Masturbation Make the Private Parts Look?

Many people think that repeated friction during masturbation will lead to pigmentation, which will make the vulva not so good-looking, which makes many people distressed, and some people use various products to restore their former pinkness.

Not to mention the side effects of these products, this theory alone is wrong, because many studies have proved that the deposition of female vulva pigment is related to estrogen, which means that with age, after ovarian function becomes more and more perfect, estrogen secretion is maintained at At a steady level, there will be pigment deposits in the vulva, so whether it is pink or not is not determined by friction.

3. Will Masturbation Affect Normal Sexual Life?

This question has been asked by many people for various reasons, but there are roughly two types of questions:

Masturbation reduces clitoral sensitivity: Women who put forward this point of view believe that masturbation takes longer to achieve orgasm because of insensitivity. In fact, the problem is not the clitoris, but the intensity of the stimulation you get and the feedback from the brain. Long, high-intensity Physiological and psychological stimulation will temporarily raise the brain's threshold of excitement, but this is reversible, and there is no one to supervise you to orgasm while masturbating.

Decreased satisfaction with normal sexual life: masturbation does not reduce the sensitivity of women's sensitive organs, but instead makes women more aware of their sensitive areas. To a certain extent, this will help women achieve orgasm in the process of sexual life. Because orgasm from the vagina itself is not the number one way for women to achieve orgasm.

 4. Does Masturbation Affect Your Health?

The answer is: maybe, there are 3 health conditions that masturbation may affect: vaginitis, urinary tract infection, and bleeding.

Considering the way of masturbation, most women will choose to use their fingers to masturbate, only less than one-fifth of women will choose to use props, and even fewer women have other special hobbies. Cleaning or disinfection may lead to the entry of foreign pathogens. However, if you develop good masturbation habits, these can be completely avoided, such as cleaning of hands and utensils before and after use, cleaning of vulva, etc.

  • Vaginitis: Vaginitis refers to a series of symptoms that appear after the microecological balance maintained in the vagina is broken, and most of the pathogens destroy the balance of vaginal flora by means of foreign invasion.
  • Urinary tract infection: Women's urethra is much shorter than men's, and it is relatively loose. At the same time, because sanitary products such as sanitary napkins need to be used during menstruation, they are more prone to urinary tract infections than men. Therefore, during masturbation, they are also faced with the same problem. It is also expected that the parts and utensils are not cleaned thoroughly, resulting in urinary tract infections. Of course, there are ways to prevent them, that is, careful cleaning.
  • Bleeding: Some people report that sometimes there is bleeding after masturbation. If the bleeding is less than the amount of menstruation, there is no need to worry. Considering that it may be a small amount of bleeding caused by uterine contractions during masturbation to stimulate the endometrium, it can usually be understood as a coincidence, because if When the endometrium is in a state of "prone to bleeding", it is easy to bleed. It may also bleed after exercise and after intercourse, so it is not a unique effect of masturbation.

However, it should be noted that the above three problems are determined by the physiological structure. Similarly, these problems will also be faced in the process of normal sexual life, and even have higher risks than masturbation. Of course, even if you do not masturbate, it does not mean You won't encounter these problems. Besides, those diseases that insist on masturbation are all hooligans.

Hope this helps with your question...
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