Egg Vibrators: What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

Egg Vibrators: What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

Apr 25, 2024


Susie Adams

Vibrating “love eggs” are remote-controlled sex toys that are discreet (for public play), portable, and can be used vaginally, anally, solo, or with a partner!

An egg vibrator, also known as a vibrating egg, or love egg, is a small, remote-controlled sex toy that offers exquisite and interactive orgasms in a tiny package that’s discreet and portable.

The bonus?

Most vibrating eggs are insertable for vaginal and anal stimulation, plus they can even be worn in your panties!

Thanks to their petite size, they’re wonderful toys for public-yet-discreet partner play, heating things up beyond measure — even on the most typical of date nights.

An egg vibrator can be used on erogenous zones that include:

  • Labia
  • Clitoris
  • G-spot
  • Prostate
  • Nipples
  • Anus
  • Inner thighs
  • Ears
  • Neck
  • Stomach

There are endless ways (and places) to use egg vibrators, making them versatile and extremely fun to play with.

A great gift, vibrating eggs are easy to use with or without a partner, offering a surefire way to experiment with new sensations and strong vibrations.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • What Is A  Vibrators Egg
  • Best Egg Vibrators To Try
  • Using A Vibrators Egg
  • For Masturbation
  • As A Couple
  • During Sex
  • Can It Be Inserted
  • Are Vibrators Egg Safe

What Is A  Vibrators Egg?

Also known as vibrating love eggs,egg vibrators are a type of sex toy typically shaped like their namesake — an egg — with a retractable string on the end.

They are usually quite buzzy, providing strong and intense vibrations wherever they are applied.

Some egg vibrators are meant to be inserted vaginally or anally — but only if they have a string for retrieval.

Egg vibrators that do not come with an attached cord, wire, or string for retrieval should not be used internally, but rather nestled in your panties for clitoral and vulval stimulation or applied externally by hand.

Vibrating eggs can offer many features that may include:

  • Multiple vibration speeds and intensities
  • Preset vibration patterns and on some models, the ability to create custom ones
  • Pulsation that syncs to music or ambient sound
  • Having a textured surface
  • App control via a smartphone or computer
  • Long-distance use (with internet connectivity only)
  • Being waterproof
  • Being rechargeable
  • Offering more than one egg — some come in pairs for dual stimulation

Vibrators egg are small in size, fitting easily in the palm of your hand, which makes them ideal for anyone seeking a discreet vibrator they can take with them on the go.

You might think that being as small as they are, vibrating love eggs will be quiet and discreet.

Although this may be the case at times, it isn’t always — some of the smallest vibrators can be among the loudest.

If you plan to use your vibrating egg while you’re away from home, make sure to test its noise level before you do — just so you know what to expect.

That said, a vibrating egg used externally against the clitoris will be louder than one inserted in the vagina — so your own body can help with any soundproofing if you’re worried about folks knowing what you’re up to.

The cost of an egg vibrators can vary based on its simplicity or the number of features it offers, but there are vibrating love eggs to suit any budget and there are many reputable places to buy them.

Great for hands-free masturbation, an egg vibrator is a petite and powerful little sex toy that proves good orgasms can indeed come from small packages.


How To Use A Vibrating Love Egg

There are many ways to use an egg vibrator and they’re perfect for anyone who appreciates multi-functional sex toys.

You can use an egg vibrator for external stimulation of the vulva and clitoris, and if it features a string for retrieval, it’s safe for internal stimulation of the vagina or anus.

If you’re using an egg vibrator for the first time, you may be surprised by how strong they can get — and how fast they can bring you to orgasm.

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using an egg vibrator.

You can also use one for:

  • Hands-free masturbation
  • Partnered play
  • Penetrative sex
  • Oral sex
  • External stimulation of the vulva, clitoris, nipples, testicles, penis, and any other erogenous zone
  • Internal stimulation of the vagina or anus (if there is a retrieval string attached)

Regardless of where you prefer to target your stimulation, vibrating eggs allow for pointed and customized orgasms every time.

How To Use A Vibrating Egg For Masturbation

A vibrating sex toy takes masturbation to a brand new level and egg vibrators are no exception.

To start, try sliding your love egg across your nipples and inner thighs to stimulate your arousal.

Pro tip: a touch of lube on each nipple will add a tongue-like slip as the vibrator grazes them.

Placing a vibrating egg against your clitoris feels amazing, and with a love egg, you can easily control the amount of pressure by hand and the vibrations remotely.

For hands-free use, simply hold the egg vibrator in place against your vulva using your thighs or a pair of underwear.

If you have an egg vibrator with a retrieval string, you can insert it vaginally or anally, take the remote control in hand, and play with the vibration patterns and intensities until you reach orgasm.

Personally, I recommend using your love egg everywhere on your body, experimenting with various positions and vibrational patterns.

Solo sex with a vibrating egg is always a delight because it’s equally great for quickies and extended self-pleasure sessions if you enjoy edding(orgasm control).

How Can Couples Use Vibrating Eggs?

Thanks to their versatility and remote control, couples can use an egg vibrator while out on a date together and at home between the sheets.

For discreet public play, an egg vibrator can be worn by one partner — securely tucked inside their underwear — while the other partner handles the remote control.

Discretion is most easily achieved with egg vibes that are worn in your panties and app-controlled because the partner who is operating the vibrator appears to be scrolling on their phone — not giving their lover an orgasm from across the table.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the noise level.

The more ambient sound in a room, the less likely it is that any buzzing from the vibrating egg will be detected by those nearby.

It’s no secret that vibrations feel great on all areas of the body, and egg vibrators make great toys for stimulating your erogenous zones during sex play together at home.

Try using your egg vibrator on your partner— grazing their nipples, inner thighs, or even their lips.

Since they’re so small, vibrating eggs are unassuming sex toys that bring nothing but good vibes to coupled play — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

How Can You Use A Vibrating Egg During Sex?

Egg vibrators can be used during penetrative sex and beyond.

As long as the position allows for a hand to hold it in place, a vibrating egg can lend exquisite clit stimulation during vaginal and anal sex.

Similarly, if your egg vibrator has a string for retrieval — making it safe for insertion — it can be placed inside the vagina or anus to add another element of stimulation during oral sex.

And if double penetration is a fantasy of yours,a vibrating love egg can be inserted vaginally during anal sex, or anally during vaginal sex — the world is your oyster!

One important thing to remember — and this is true of all sex toys — do not switch your egg vibrator between orifices without cleaning it first.

This is especially important when using your love egg anally.

It should always be cleaned thoroughly before using it vaginally or anywhere else on your body after it has been removed from your anus.

Regardless of where your love egg sits, communicating with your partner while playing with a sex toy together is always helpful.

  • Do You Need Lube With An Egg Vibrator?

Lube makes playtime with sex toys better, allowing them to slip against the skin wherever they’re used.

A water-based lubricant is the safest type of lube — particularly if you’re not sure what material your vibrating egg is made from — and it tends to feel most like your body’s natural lubrication, which many people prefer.

Always consult your egg vibrator’s manual if you intend to use silicone or oil-based lubricants to make sure they are compatible with your toy’s material.

This is important because many love eggs are crafted from silicone,which will degrade when used with silicon-based lubricants.

Can You Put A Vibrating Egg Inside You?

Yes, you can put an egg vibrator inside of you as long as it has a retrieval string or cord attached that was designed for that purpose.

To be safe, always check your toy’s instruction manual for proper use instructions, and do not use it in ways it wasn’t intended.

For instance, an egg might have a wire that is connected to a battery pack or controller. Unless specified otherwise in the manual, the wire is usually NOT designed for retrieval.

Wires that connect to a remote control have the potential to break, leaving the egg vibrator inside of you.

At best, it’s not a fun situation.

At worst — particularly if the egg was inserted anally — it’s likely to result in a trip to the ER for removal.

That said, there are some models of vibrating eggs designed in a way that allows their wired cord to act as a retrieval string.

Again: Always read the manual carefully.

If your egg vibrator doesn’t have a string or is instead attached to a wired remote, you should not use it internally. Only use it for external stimulation of the clitoris or other areas of the body.

Are Vibrating Eggs Safe?


Most of the egg vibrators on the market today are quite safe because they’re often made of high-quality silicone or ABS plastic, two of the safest sex toy materials available.

If you’re shopping for an egg vibrator — or any vibrating sex toy for that matter — you should avoid any products made of:

  • Rubber
  • Jelly rubber
  • Thermoplastic rubber & elastomer (TPE/TPR) blends
  • Other porous materials

Unsafe sex toy materials can be difficult to clean thoroughly and some can potentially be harmful to your health.

If you’re worried about an egg vibrator desensitizing your clitoris,don’t.

That rarely happens at all, and you’d need a lot more stimulation than what your vibrating egg is capable of providing.

Although extended use of a vibrator may lead to temporary desensitization — which is nowhere near the same thing as permanent nerve damage — if that happens, taking a short break is usually enough to remedy the situation in short order.

In Conclusion

Vibrating love eggs are perfect for stimulation all over your body and they can be worn (or used) just about anywhere!

Good things come in small packages and with a love egg in hand, you’ll be well on your way toward hatching some massive Ohhhhs.

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